2. gamsalus:

    this weekend was amazing.

  3. teammids:


    Switch Check in a Rocky Paradise. San Diego, CA: 1.16.13. Geoff Chapel with a switch standup check through a perilous left hairpin. Photo by Mike Girard.

    Geoff Chapel of Team Mids, switch check down a dreamy one!

  4. bakedude:

    El volcan aka. El Boqueron

    6 Miles of drifting hairpins…

    Photos by Tato bustamante GT Downhill House Media.

    Get some get some!

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  7. odind:

    Ville Hietala flying into a tight bend in Stalheimskleiva

  8. venus-ramona:

    I fucking screamed. YES!

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  10. calvinjskinner:

    Adam Babic at drifters

  11. steezandappletrees:

    selling most of this stuff for a tesseract and to pay off my phone and cos im “quitting” (not really) longboarding for street skating 

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  12. mattdamian:

    Jordan Riachi | Addiction
    Animal House Reference

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  13. teamnobull:


    Great shot from rdvgrip

    #regram de @rdvxgrip
    #mylongbrothers #downhill #downhilllifestyle #picoftheday #Photooftheday #gopro #freeride #longboard #longboarding

    Sweet Shot

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  15. insane-thane:

    Quake Skaters.